The use of special equipment for hard ID printing.

Whenever a business has its employees, the photo ID badges become a necessity. If you’ve ever worked or studied, you will know well how this photo ID badge would look like. It has usually the size of a credit card, commonly wrapped in plastic and worn on a collar. Tonight I am going to discuss the ways of achieving the creation of this kind of badge.

First of all you will need some printer that is specifically designed for ID printing. You can never do it with a typical office printer, because it simply won’t print on plastic, and even if it would, there is no place you could actually fit in the blank ID. Once you’ve actually got the needed equipment, you will need to install the ink – just the same way you would typically do with your paper printer. The only different between the normal printer’s ink and this one, is that the normal uses water as its base, while the other uses some stronger chemicals to adhere with the plastic.

Once the ink has been successfully loaded, you could actually load it with the blanks and start printing it out. The moment you opened the ink bottles, you would have to print regularly. Otherwise the ink will dry and damage the printer. This may sound a bit scary but unfortunately that’s the way it is. So if you haven’t got much to print, it’s better to borrow someone else’s equipment. The cost of new printer for the photo ID cards is very high, and you wouldn’t want to throw out your money for nothing.

Finally, when you print the IDs often, make sure you are using the right software to help you with the design. Most of the recent programs allow you to use the blanks and templates, saving hours of your working time. All you need to do with this software is to change the name and the photo, and then you are ready to print. Sometimes you will also need to adjust printer setting, in case the printing appears out of alignment. Do make sure to read a manual regarding this.

That’s it, if you’ve reached that far, you could open your own shop. Nowadays, the ID printing is even done online.